Customer Centric Environment and Sales Process

The Auction Direct facility design is clearly tailored to enhance the guest’s shopping experience. It begins with a personal greeting and guest registration at the front door. The introduction of a sales associate leads into a complete explanation of the Auction Direct business approach including the Company’s mission statement, pricing philosophy and a thorough bullet point presentation of the reasons to buy a vehicle from Auction Direct. All of the discussions occur in an open showroom environment unique to Auction Direct at a bar height countertop in the middle of the showroom labeled the “Hassle Free Zone”.

High Quality, Unlimited Vehicle Selection

Each Auction Direct retail location provides ten times the selection of the traditional used car dealer with at least 250 and upwards of 600 vehicles in inventory at any given time. However, the actual selection of vehicles at Auction Direct is truly unlimited because if a customer cannot find the specific vehicle that they want, the Company will find and buy their ideal car at a wholesale auto auction typically within one week’s time.

Pricing Model – Transparency for the Consumer & Unbeatable Low Prices

Auction Direct clearly posts its prices and customers are provided computer access on the showroom floor enabling them to “shop” the competition and confirm each vehicle’s unbeatable low price. The vehicle’s low price is apparent to the customer with no hassle or confrontation involved, and every vehicle is sold with a risk-free guarantee. At Auction Direct the customer is in control and comfortable throughout the entire car buying process creating an industry unique and compelling shopping experience.


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