Spring Car Care Tips

These spring car care tips will help you stay safe and keep your vehicle running smooth.

Fact: 2,600 deaths a year occur from neglected vehicle maintenance. – National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration

It’s been a long, cold winter across most of the country, but spring is almost here and this is a good time to get your car back into shape after a tough season facing frigid temperatures, snow, ice, and now potholes.

Below are some spring car care tips to get your vehicle ready for the upcoming road travel season.

  1. Wash your car, especially the undercarriage and wheels to remove road salt and debris.
  2. Vacuum the vehicle’s interior and use an enzyme cleaning product to remove melted salt, snow, dirt and grime from interior surfaces.
  3. Replace your wiper blades.
  4. Check the Tire pressure and inspect tires for safety.
  5. Top off all vehicle fluids.
  6. Check air filter and replace if necessary.
  7. Switch out your winter tires for summer tires.

Happy Spring!



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