2008 Buick Lucerne CXL

2008 Buick Lucerne NIADA Certified Plus the Auction Direct USA Advantage! NIADA Certified, Titanium w/Cloth Seat Trim, 17″ Chrome-Plated Aluminum Wheels, Leather-Appointed Seat Trim, Power driver seat, Power passenger seat, Power windows, Remote keyless entry, Steering wheel mounted audio controls.

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Used Car Financing

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Auto Financing

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About The Value of Used Cars

Are you looking for a vehicle and concerned about the value of used cars? Do you feel as if the seller is quoting an excessively high price? You think the used car offered at the dealership is worth a lot less than what the dealers claim? Or is it your own used car you want to sell?

Let Auction Direct USA help you out.

We offer a complete guide towards calculated the true value of used cars.

Whether you’re a first-time or an experienced buyer, our team helps you determine the best price for your car. Here’s what you need to know

Basic Approach to the Value of Used Cars

There’s no rocket science involved in car valuation for appraisal or selling purposes. The value of a used car depends upon its mileage, condition, the amount of damage sustained, any repair works carried out, the market rate for similar vehicles and any modifications made by the original owner or dealership.

Used cars have less depreciation compared to new cars

New cars lose an average of 30% – 60% of their value in the first 5 years.  According to the National Automobile Dealers Association, the average price of a new car sold in the United States is about $30,000.  This means that a new car will depreciate anywhere from $9,000 to $18,000 in just 5 years.

At Auction Direct USA, the first step begins with determining the current retail and trade-in values for the used car, based on its year of manufacture, make and model. This helps us determine the market value for your vehicle. The next step involves any of the following three methods for computing the true value of your car:

The Retail/Trade-in Approach

Retail value (or retail price) represents the price charged by a dealership in respect of the vehicle. Since the dealership incurs significant repair and maintenance charges to bring the used car to (almost) mint condition, it is generally higher than the prevailing price.

Wholesale value (or trade-in price) is the selling price quoted by a private seller. This occurs when the seller wants to sell his/her vehicle directly, without involving any intermediary. This price should be significantly lower than the retail value.

At Auction Direct USA our experts calculate trade-in value for a used car based on our extensive market research. This prevents you from being ripped off by the seller by providing you with a more reliable selling price estimate.

The Market Value Approach

The true value of used cars is actually their market value. This figure is nothing more than the average or retail value and trade-in value. For instance, if the retail value of a car is $7000 and the trade-in value is $5000, then the market value-based approach places the value of the used car at $6000 (7000+5000/2). If you’re unsure of how this formula is derived or need an expert opinion on car valuation, call us today!


If the first two methods sound tricky, don’t worry. We offer a simple and efficient tool to calculate the value of used cars:  our patent car value calculator. On our blackbook page, just enter your car brand, model, year of purchase and existing mileage and let us do the math! The final result accurately reflects your car value and what it can bring in the open market.

Why Choose Auction Direct USA

Knowledge of the value of used cars is essential, every time you go shopping for a used vehicle. It also gives you a general idea as to what price you should charge on your car when selling it to someone else. Auction Direct USA support enables you to:

  • Quote reasonable price for your car
  • Negotiate with sellers for discounts
  • Avoid sales tax on used car purchase
  • Save yourself from dealership and seller rip-offs
  • Incur less depreciation and less price for a used vehicle, in good shape

To learn more about the value of used cars, contact us today!

Impress your friends with these 23 Fun Car Facts you probably didn’t know…

1. There are 1 billion cars currently in use on earth.
2. About 165,000 cars are produced every day.
3. The “new car smell” is composed of over 50 volatile organic compounds.
4. It would take less than 6 months to get to the Moon by car at 60mph (95km/h).
5. Hitler, while in prison, wrote to a Mercedes dealership begging for a car loan.
6. Up to 19 girls can be crammed into a smart car.
7. The average car has 30,000 parts.
8. 92% of all new sold cars in Brazil use ethanol as fuel, which is produced from sugar cane.
9. 75% of cars that Rolls Royce has ever produced are still on the road today.
10. Volkswagen owns Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Audi, Ducati and Porsche.
11. The average American spends about 38 hours a year stuck in traffic.
12. The first car accident occured in 1891, in Ohio.
13. The odds of dying in a car accident are around 1 in 5,000.
14. When the car radio was introduced, some states wanted to ban it arguing that it could distract drivers and cause accidents.
15. It is a criminal offence to drive around in a dirty car in Russia.
16. Car wrecks are the number one cause of death for Americans under 35.
17. In Turkmenistan, car drivers are entitled to 120 Liters (31 gal.) of free petrol a month.
18. There are more cars than people in Los Angeles.
19. The inventor of the cruise control was blind.
20. The vehicle with the highest mileage covered a total of 2,850,000 miles (4,586,630 km).
21. The world’s fastest street-legal production car is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, at 267 mph (431 km/h).
22. In 1941, Henry Ford made a car out of soy beans.
23. Most new cars fake engine noise through speakers. They are quite silent otherwise.